Our Vision

We created Elysium Travel, an excursion agency, in 2014, after a long work experience in tourism, out of love for our country and our desire to share its beauties with you.

We possess a deep understanding of the needs of holidaymakers. Thus, we propose and offer meticulously studied services, beyond those typically offered by travel agencies. Our clients’ satisfaction is our primary objective and we spare no efforts to accomplish it.

We provide detailed descriptions of our excursions and the itineraries and places to visit, keeping in constant contact with our clients throughout their visit.

Although following well-tried paths is somehow inevitable, we also wish you to discover destinations less known to the general public. To this end, imagination and creativity are integral parts of our work.

We understand that holidaymakers wish to have a good time, plenty of fun and no concerns during their vacation.

And last but not least, we aspire to establish professional yet at the same time friendly partnerships.